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Extreme Journeys on Ellesmere Island. The story of the most beautiful of the arctic islands. Visually the strongest show.

Between Polar Bears and the Deep Blue Sea. A 500-km paddle in the shadow of Labrador’s Torngat Mountains. Our most popular “together” presentation.

The Iceman Returns. Twenty years after his first expedition, Jerry returns to Labrador to re-do his toughest challenge. How will he measure up to Jerry the Younger?

Becoming an Adventurer. Alexandra is a self-confessed city girl who began wilderness adventure fairly late in life. Here, she explores the inner resources she’s needed to make the leap.

Adventures in Arctic History: The Greely Expedition. The story of one of the great disasters in arctic exploration, from a traveler’s perspective. "Jerry Kobalenko knows more about the Greely expedition than anyone else on the planet," says Rob Rapley, director of a PBS documentary about the tragedy.

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