Jerry and Alexandra Kobalenko

Jerry Kobalenko

Alexandra Kobalenko

Jerry and Alexandra Kobalenko specialize in northern adventure. They’ve been traveling together since 1999, when on their sixth date they spent two months alone together hiking in the High Arctic.

Jerry’s writing and photography have appeared in hundreds of publications around the world, including National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, Canadian Geographic and Time. His books Arctic Eden and The Horizontal Everest recount the author’s lifelong love affair with the Canadian High Arctic. The New York Times Book Review writes that “The Horizontal Everest is refreshingly free of the hubris that marks much adventure writing, and the reader never feels assaulted by Kobalenko’s daring, only inspired by it.”

When she is not on an adventure, Alexandra is a speaker, photographer and Photoshop artist whose work is represented by First Light Associated Photographers and All Canada Photos. On wilderness trips, after she’s done shooting, she works overtime as Jerry’s model and has appeared on many magazine covers.

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